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Large dry essentials box

12 varieties of dry essentials. Check product info.
Always contains:
- OrganicEggs (6 or 12)
- Pasta (500g or 1kg) 
- Couscous (500g)
- Plain Flour type "00" (1kg)
- Raisins or Seed mix (100g)

Large dry essentials box

  • Products vary according to what is in season and what is available.
    Contains 12 of the followings:
    - Organic Eggs 6x
    - Organic Pennette Pasta 500g
    - Organic Spaghetti Pasta 500g
    - Organic Cous Cous 500g
    - Organic Barley 500g
    - Organic Chickpeas 100g
    - Organic Oat (GF) 100g
    - Organic Cannellini Beans 100g
    - Organic Black Turtle Beans 100g
    - Organic Red Kidney Beans 100g
    - Organic Red Split Lentils 100g
    - Organic Raisins 100g
    - Organic Mix seeds 100g
    - Flour type "00" 1kg

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